JUST-TEN: 10 Things to do in Miraculous Shrine in Sibonga, Cebu

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Simala Shrine Church is a religious structure and establishment located in Sibonga Town, Southern Cebu.

Simala is a place for people who believes in miracles. This place has been known to be miraculous. The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist is a church in Sibonga for the Marian devotees. The church is very popular among believers not only because it is considered the home of the image of the miraculous Virgin but also because the place is truly amazing and spectacular. The Monastery is the place where the ‘Mga Monghe ni Maria’ [Monks of Mary] lives.

Pilgrimages or visiting religious places is one of the most important aspects that most Filipino Catholics have. This aspect keeps their faith alive and keeps them going despite all the challenges in life.

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How to get there:

So, from Mandaue City (where I lived)

  1. you can ride a jeepney going to Parkmall.
  2. from Parkmall ride a jeepeney going to Sanciangko street where the GT Express terminal is located. Ride a 01k route
  3. the terminal is located in Sanciangko beside Cebu Alliace Church or across the swimmingpool entrance of  USC or University of San Carlos

So here’s my Top 10 things to do in Simala:

  1.  Always follow the rules inside the Shrine

    The following which are NOT allowed in the Church/ Shrine:

    • Sleeveless/Tube/Short Blouses
    • Shorts/Mini Skirts
    • Fitting and ripped/ tattered Pants
    • Smoking and Alcoholic Drinks
    • Loud Noise or Shouting
    • Footwear Before Entering the Prayer Room

  2. Offer a prayer to the Miraculous Blessed Virgin165090_1396238084591_580513_n

    • Before to get to the altar where the Blessed Virgin is placed, you need to join the line going to the altar. Note: you will take off our shoes at the entrance of the prayer area. 
  3. Light a candle

    • Every candle has different color and every color has different meaning.
      • Gold – Healing (good health, recovery, spiritual, family tree)
      • Green – Prosperity/Success (exam, study, financial, business)
      • Blue – Perseverance (employment, career, assignment, promotions)
      • Violet – Achievement (plans in life, struggles, endeavors, journey, voyage)
      • Red – Love (unity, friendship, engagement, family)
      • Yellow – Peace (courage, strength, hope)
      • White – Purity (enlightenment, guidance, right path)
      • Orange – Reconciliation (sweetheart, wife, husband, enemy, family)
      • Pink – Thanksgiving/Happiness/Joy (spiritual, physical)
      • Black – Souls (forgiveness, pardon)
      • Brown – Vocation (marriage bond, God’s servant, single life)
      • Gray – Deliverance (bad ways, things, spirits)
      • Cream – Conversion/Faith (children, household, couples)
  4. Offer a mass27702072074_d704d101a2_h

  5. Read the testaments/ answered prayer/ thank you letter displayed inside the church.

  6. Time Travel by getting to know the Monks stories, different Titles of Mama Mary and the history of the shrine by reading and looking to the pictures in the museum like inside the shrine.

  7. Make a wish in the wishing bell167198_1396232924462_7717130_n

  8. Buy a souvenir

  9. Take a picture outside the shrine’s castle like structure or in the man-made waterfall/ fountain.IMG_2488[1]

  10. be happy always and Thank God for all the blessings in life 😀

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